Line, space, materials and process are central to my drawings, sculptures, books and weavings. They individually and collectively express a range of concepts, ideas, emotions and feelings. Some lines are inspired by those found in nature, some by ones seen in the built environment and others are found by focused drawing done on paper or on a loom, within a selected set of boundaries such as time, action, materials and process. I’m interested in the physicality of line and what is revealed through the materiality and the process of how it is made: the speed, trace, implied movement, recorded direction, lightness, softness, feel and color. Drawing on paper allows me to explore and experiment. The seemingly low stakes of the materials used is liberating. There is a simplicity to the stripped-down aspects of pencil, charcoal, watercolor graphite, or ink on paper and there are numerous possible variations. Both the works on paper and the woven fabric are the result of a set of parameters and decisions that govern actions and time. The textiles embody the paradox of structural logic and spontaneous gestures of individual threads. In the weavings, I establish a system that supports and highlights uniquely delineated individual variation and looseness.  Color, surface, texture and materials are one. Meaning is communicated by the haptic realm of the materials and the way it is made.

I integrate various spatial concepts to create works that explore dissonance, harmony, stability, vulnerability and ephemeral states. The work explores continuity and change within a system, as reflected in natural and manmade structures. I examine notions of emptiness, linear disruptions, ideas of chance and impermanence. My work investigates different phenomena and textures and contrasts the ethereal with the constructed. I am interested in things that are fragile, spontaneous, and feel humble. I create works with a certain tone of lightness to evoke a sense of contemplation, so viewers perceive space, air, and structure in new and different ways.