Synthesis 2007 
Wave Hill, Glyndor Gallery. Installed in sun-room. 
60 foot long vine, of variable width, wraps around sun-room that is 10 x 18 x 18 feet. 
Acrylic ink on acetate, acrylic paint on acrylic sheets, vinyl coated wire, thread and rubber. 

The installation embodies the wild energy of growth.  The form of the sculpture is inspired by the way vines grow and by how the vines of climbing plants search for sustenance. I am interested in capturing the gesture of the plant, both the growth movement and the flow of water, air and fuel through the plant. Vines are like drawings in space, with lines of varying thicknesses. They search, adjust their growth to create more stable structures that are able to cantilever, reach and extend. 
Photograph: Thom O’Connor

Scanning Viscera 2008 Detail
The Carriage House, Islip Art Museum
Room 25 x 30 feet with silk fabric walls 9 feet high. Scanning structure located in central space.
Silk fabric, light, motor, timer, relay switches, steel, wood, denril, acrylic on acetate, acrylic on Plexiglas, vinyl, thread and copper rods.
A translucent silk fabric wall extends across the space with an entrance in the center that leads to a corridor that surrounds an interior room with walls also made of silk. A slow scanning light, seen through the fabric walls, dimly lights the room. The sound of a motor fills the space. After walking this short labyrinth, one enters into the central room. There is an 8 x 8 foot translucent screen attached to a structure and a long narrow light beam scanning slowly, located behind, projecting colorful silhouettes onto the screen. The light scans back and forth, pausing momentarily at each end before changing directions. 

Med-Reckoning: System Navigation 1997 Detail
Hillwood Art Museum, C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University.

Stainless steel light boxes, electrical conduit, computer circuit-board mylar, photo transfers 
8 x 6 x 7 feet